Return and exchange policy

We thank you for choosing Edmond to purchase your favorite products and we are pleased to serve you. Sometimes your opinion of the products you have purchased may change, not you. We at Edmund will do our best to make the return or exchange process as simple and smooth as possible.

We have facilitated the return or exchange process for you through the following procedures:

1 – Policy for the period of time to return or exchange purchases :

  • Return and exchange within 7 days from the date of purchase.

2 – Purchase return or exchange policy :

  • This policy applies to the product being in its closed packaging and in the same condition as when purchased.
  • All accessories and gifts received with the product upon purchase must be returned in their original packaging.
  • Products that have been opened and have a manufacturing defect can be replaced with the same t ype provided that the customer delivers them to the company in its main branch or submit a video report on WhatsApp and send it to the company so that we can send a shipping company to you
  • When the order is returned by the shipping company, the shipping value will be deducted.

3- Return and exchange procedures and sites:

  • The customer has the option to return the value of his purchases or replace it with another product according to the customer’s choice.
  • To retrieve the value of purchases made by credit cards or bank checks, the amount will be recovered through the customer’s bank
    account within fourteen (14) working days, and the customer must follow the payment procedures through the bank branch that deals with him.

5- Exceptions not covered by the return and exchange policy:

  • Malfunctions and damages resulting from misuse.
  • Failure to match the serial numbers of the device, the original carton, the colors, or any other appearance compared to the product when it was received during the purchase process and
    as recorded in the purchase invoice.
  • All digital contents included with the product from DVDs, CDs, etc.
  • All software and hardware drivers.
  • All body care equipment and food and beverage preparation equipment.

6- Privacy Notice:

  • Edmund is not responsible for any loss of customer data during the replacement or retrieval process.
  • Edmund Company is not responsible for any information or personal data stored in the customer’s device.
  • The customer is fully responsible for transferring and transferring any personal data or settings to the new device when needed.

7- Other terms and conditions:

  • The customer has the right to receive the purchased items within a maximum period of one month from the date of purchase.
  • In the event of delaying the receipt of the product by the customer, Edmund’s company has the right to add 10% of the total value of the stored products for each month of delay in receipt, to be collected in cash from the customer.
  • In the event that the product is returned due to a defect in the product, a defect from the manufacturer, or as a result of damage during the delivery of the product, or due to the incorrect/wrong product delivery, no additional fees for the shipping service or bank transfer fees will be charged.

8- Warranty provisions on products:

  • Electronic musical devices manufactured by us have a full one-year warranty (12 months from the date of purchase).
  • Children’s toys and cat and dog houses made of wood have a recovery period of only
    7 days. Provided that it is in accordance with the terms of item No. 2 above.
  • Antiques, antiques, and artistic paintings are made of wood. They do not have a guarantee and can be returned within 7 days only.
    Jewelry is deducted from workmanship, and the value of the metal is returned if it is gold or silver.
  • Accessories have a return period of 7 days only. Provided that they are in their original packaging and condition.
  • Personal care tools have no guarantee or refund.

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