Commercial work


My name is EDMONJAD,
I’m a photographer, a photographic producer, and a plastic artist. I have a great deal in this field for a long time ...

We are engaged in a wonderful and beautiful world despite its different levels and levels. My mission is to highlight and draw your attention to all the magnificence around you through my various works ..

My undergraduate studies in psychology and sociology … I graduated from university in Cairo … so you find me interested in different cultures and peoples ..

I try to employ this passion through pictures and artwork … as well as works.

I work in art and branding . the services of many commercial companies in Saudi Arabia and Egypt as well as many companies around the world ..

You have all the love, respect and happiness in your sincere contact with me ..

M (Edmond) Gad

Dear customer , you can get my artwork and print or we printed and ship to you Dismiss

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