Edmon Company is a technology Art company for creative works.
This company was born out of artistic creativity, love of arts, and scientific passion.
Her works vary between light and aesthetic products, sculptures, musical instruments, and entertainment games for adults and children.
The industry depends on wood formation.
Founded by Mohamed Gad (Edmond Gad) in Egypt.
Experience in programming, computers, art, and digital drawing
This company carries many brands under it, such as:
– Hathor for the manufacture of musical instruments.
– Mo Bastet for the manufacture of cat houses and children’s toys.

– Roza Elite for accessories & jewelry
– Ed 79 for sports equipment.
– Nefert skincare products.
– Ed Moon for beauty and Makeup effects.

Our designs and industry focus on providing distinguished cultural content for ancient and modern peoples.

Our products are distinguished and used for purchase, such as antiques, antiques, and distinguished products of a limited edition.
We focus on the cultural and artistic value that we give you through our many experiences.

We thank you and look forward to fruitful cooperation with you.

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