Edmond Gad

Thank you for paying attention and hoping that my work has impressed you.

I am Edmond Gad (Mohammed), an Egyptian artist. Photographer, digital artist and music. I’ve had experience in this field for a long time.
I am also passionate about e-commerce and digital marketing. Technology is passionate about painting, colors, cosmetics and fashion.

My undergraduate studies in psychology and sociology … I graduated from Helwan University in Cairo… So you’ll find me interested in different cultures and religions. and different peoples.

The services of many commercial companies in Saudi Arabia and the Arab Republic of Egypt, as well as many companies around the world.
My fields and interests are diverse so you will find many products. Commercial designs – art designs – works of art – children’s stories – movies – and acting.
The process of giving is continuing and we promise you more creativity.

You have all the love, respect and happiness in your sincere communication with me.

Mohammed (Edmond) is serious.

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